How Often Should I Use Revian?

How Often Should I Use Revian?

The Revian Red system is used for 10 minutes per day

Our team of Revian scientists worked closely with our light engineers to come up with a system that was clinically proven to grow hair for most people if they stick to the recommended regimen of once daily for 10 minutes using the dual wavelength LEDs in our system.

If you deviate from that and over-treat (your photoreceptors in your cells need rest too) or under-treat there is a much greater chance of not getting the benefits you desire.

There is a necessary daily dose required to get the positive effect. We chose to use this technology to help make this easier and help you keep track of the treatments using the Revian mobile app.

You may treat anytime during the day that works best for you and the cap makes it easy to use while doing other things since it is lightweight and wireless.

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      Revian uses 119 specific wavelengths of LEDs. They were selected based on extensive pre-clinical research that showed the precision wavelength that we want to trigger the mechanisms of action in the cells. Revian’s patent-pending combination of dual ...
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      There is no upper age limit for treating your hair loss with REVIAN. It is not an issue of age, but rather the condition and viability of hair follicles!  Did we answer your all your questions? If not, please submit a message at: ...